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Zallys tow tractors: innovative solution for helicopter handling

The logistical challenge in helicopter handling

In the aeronautical sector, the movement of helicopters represents a logistical challenge of considerable importance. In this context, Zallys tractors emerge as a revolutionary solution, offering efficiency, safety and precision.

Innovation and versatility of Zallys tractors

Zallys tugs are specifically designed to meet the movement needs of helicopters. Characterized by an innovative and versatile design, they allow you to easily maneuver helicopters of various sizes and weights, making handling processes quicker and less burdensome.

Efficiency and safety in movement

One of the most critical aspects of helicopter handling is the need to ensure safety and prevent damage. Zallys tugs are equipped with cutting-edge control systems that ensure precise and controlled handling, significantly reducing the risk of accidents or damage to helicopters.

Maneuverability and control

Maneuverability is a key factor in Zallys tugs. Thanks to their compact design and advanced steering technologies, these tugs offer exceptional control, allowing you to easily navigate in tight spaces typical of hangars or landing pads.

Reduction of the environmental footprint

In the era of sustainability, Zallys tractors also stand out for their low environmental impact. Operating with electric motors, they reduce the emission of harmful gases and noise, contributing to a healthier and more sustainable working environment.

The advantages of using Zallys tractors in aeronautics

Zallys tugs represent an ideal solution for helicopter handling operations. Combining innovation, safety, maneuverability and sustainability, these tractors not only improve operational efficiency, but also promote a safer and more environmentally friendly working environment. In the competitive aeronautical sector, the adoption of Zallys tugs marks a significant step towards more agile and sustainable management of helicopter handling operations.


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