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Handle containers with extreme ease thanks to Zallys M10

Introduction to the Zallys M10 electric tug

In the current context of industrial handling, the Zallys M10 electric tow tractor emerges as an effective solution for the management and transport of prefabricated and modular containers of different types. Designed to meet the growing needs for efficiency and sustainability, this model can tow up to 15 tons, offering notable performance in the field of logistics and industrial organisation.

Technical characteristics and performance

The Zallys M10 tow tractor stands out for its advanced technical features, including a powerful electric motor that ensures the transport of heavy loads with ease. Its ability to handle up to 15 tons makes it ideal for a wide range of applications, from handling prefabricated containers to the transport of heavy industrial goods. Furthermore, its pneumatic wheels ensure easy use in different types of soil and therefore for different types of containers depending on specific needs.

Versatility of use

One of the main qualities of the Zallys M10 is its versatility. This tug is capable of operating in different environments, including warehouses, construction sites and industrial plants, proving to be an indispensable tool for the efficient movement of containers of various sizes and types.

moving an industrial container with an electric tractor

Environmental sustainability

In an era where environmental sustainability plays a crucial role, the Zallys M10 electric tow tractor offers an eco-friendly solution for moving goods. Being electric, it significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions and the consumption of fossil fuels, contributing to a cleaner working environment and a reduction in the carbon footprint of logistics operations and the organization of industrial spaces.

Operational safety

Safety is a fundamental aspect when handling heavy loads. The Zallys M10 is equipped with cutting-edge safety systems that guarantee the protection of operators and the safeguarding of goods throughout the transport process, making operations not only efficient but also safe.

Conclusion: a sustainable future for logistics

The Zallys M10 electric tow truck is positioned as a key tool to meet the challenges of modern container handling. With its high load capacities, versatility of use, commitment to sustainability and attention to safety, it represents a significant step forward for the logistics sector, directing it towards a more sustainable and efficient future.


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