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Zallys for automotive logistics

Automotive Companies use Zallys vehicles to move vehicle and components

Ensuring safe and uninterrupted movements within the assembly chain is a prerogative for automotive companies and in particular for the structured ones.

M12 for vehicles components

The best and most appreciated solution on the market for handling vehicle components in automotive industry is the Zallys M12, with its power and compact dimensions.

The need of automotive industry

Automotive Companies needs to tow big and heavy components of vehicles in narrow spaces, without affecting working times.

M12 and its versatility

The load capacity of 1,500 kg allows the tug to be used for different applications within the same plant: the trolleys that were previously moved with difficulty by 4/5 people can now be moved by a single operator and in complete comfort!

Zallys solution with M12 and its strengths

Thanks to its compact dimensions that do not come at the expense of its power, the M12 electric tug is the most versatile and best-selling Zallys product in the entire range. The strengths of this vehicle are its intuitiveness that allows immediate use, the availability of numerous and different hooks to cover different applications and the possibility of changing the battery packs so as to guarantee the use of the vehicle even for 24 hours. Finally, Zallys has always focused its projects on guaranteeing safe use of vehicles: the gas springs equipped in the vehicles make the use adaptable for all operators!

Example of a M12 application

A good example is the Iveco company in Brazil which chose the Zallys M12 electric tug to handle the large assembly components of their vehicles easily and safely. "Moving truck heads with M12 Zallys is now really fast and smooth. Customers are surprised and pleased with the increased safety of assembly line workers as well as the big increase in speed of production. We will be buying many more”, reports our dealer for the Brazilian market.

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