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Zallys tugger: Revolutionizing the Tanning Industry

A look at the tanning industry

The tanning industry is a pillar of European manufacturing, with over 1,200 companies in Italy, accounting for 22% of world production and 65% of European production. This industry has gone through many stages of transformation over the years, constantly looking for innovative solutions to improve efficiency and reduce environmental impact. In this context, Zallys tow tuggers are presented as a cutting-edge technology, offering new perspectives and solutions for the daily challenges of tanneries.

How Zallys meets the needs of the tanning industry

Like all production activities, also in the tanning industry it is undeniable that there are potential significant environmental impacts, derived from the generation of waste water and CO2 emissions. To reduce these negative effects, industries focus their strategy and investments on optimizing the production process. Zallys can greatly help to achieve these goals.

Our sustainable approach

Zallys tow tuggers stand out for their sustainable approach. thanks to their electric nature, they significantly reduce harmful emissions and minimize environmental impact.

The use of rechargeable batteries not only improves energy efficiency, but also contributes to a safer and cleaner working environment.

Maximize the operating efficiency

One of the strengths of Zallys tuggers is their ability to improve operational efficiency in tanneries. Our machines are designed to meet logistical challenges, facilitating the transport of heavy loads of leather and tanning products within the plant. Improving and speeding up these tasks allows for more efficient resource management and increased overall productivity.

Adaptability to different needs

Zallys trailers are designed to meet the specific needs of tanneries. With different load capacities and customization options, these machines offer operational flexibility, allowing tanneries to optimize the use of resources according to their specific needs.

Operator handling trolley full of leather

Example of application

In the tanning industry there are usually many trolleys to move, of various sizes and weights. With the zallys M9, our customer has been able to meet all of his needs in his leather processing plant. The compactness and maneuverability of our M9 makes operations quick and easy, reducing time and optimizing productivity.

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