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Zallys M9 with remote control: the revolution in towing trolleys in supermarkets

Our experience

In recent years, the supermarket transport sector has undergone an epochal transformation thanks to the introduction of innovative solutions. Among these, the Zallys M9 stands out, a compact electric vehicle with remote control, designed to optimize operational efficiency and improve the overall customer experience.

The innovation

The M9 represents a game changer in the way supermarkets manage internal transport. The vehicle, powered by an electric motor, is designed to tow heavy trolleys efficiently and safely. The real revolution, however, lies in its advanced remote control system, which allows for unprecedented management.

Remote control: a step forward in operational management

The remote control of the Zallys M9 allows supermarket staff to drive the vehicle from a convenient and strategic position. This not only increases operational flexibility but also allows you to optimize spaces and improve visibility during transport operations.

The intuitive remot control allows the driver to control the M9 precisely, adjusting speed and direction smoothly. This level of control, combined with the vehicle's ability to maneuver in tight spaces, makes the M9 ideal for supermarkets with congested loading areas.

Energy efficiency and sustainability

Zallys places a strong emphasis on energy efficiency and sustainability. The Zallys M9 is powered by an advanced battery that offers long battery life, minimizing downtime for charging. This not only improves operational efficiency but also contributes to reducing environmental impact, an increasingly crucial aspect in current business realities.

Improved customer experience

The implementation of the Zallys M9 in supermarkets not only optimizes internal processes but also improves the overall customer experience. With a more organized environment and more efficient service, customers can enjoy a more pleasant and smooth shopping experience.


The Zallys M9 with remote control is redefining the concept of transport in supermarkets. The combination of operational efficiency, advanced remote control and sustainability makes it an attractive option for supermarkets looking to modernize their operations. Zallys' innovation is breaking new ground in the industry, demonstrating that technology can radically transform even the most fundamental aspects of business management.

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