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Zallys M8, the perfect solution for the transport of bars and tubes

Zallys M8, ideal to remove the manual handling of bars and tubes up to 13 meters

Zallys M8 electric transporter is suitable and efficient for handling and transporting bars and tubes that can reach lengths up to 13 meters. With its load capacity of up to 4000 kg, it can facilitate the movement of bulky loads inside steel and metallurgical industries, solving any logistical problem, as well as safety, connected to the usual use of forklifts.

Agility and efficiency

Despite its considerable size, the M8 is extremely manageable and easy to direct. The 180° steering traction unit, in fact, facilitates the handling of the load and allows you to drive and position the machine with very few maneuvers and without effort by the operator.

Suitable for any material

The inserts of M8 are covered in non-slip wood, to carry even the most delicate materials without risking ruining them or to affect the finish.

Optional upgrade for pipes up to 13 meters thanks to the modular frame.

Thanks to its modular frame, it is possible to increase the length of the Zallys M8 to carry bars and tubes up to 6 m long and, on request, an additional optional extension for pipes up to 13 meters long can be added in the machine configuration.

Tipper fasteners

The latest versions on the market are equipped with tipper fasteners to facilitate loading operations once the bars and pipes are unloaded from the trucks using the forklift. Therefore, the operator will have no additional difficulty in moving heavy and bulky loads, benefiting from a solid and reliable structure.

Satisfied customers who trust in Zallys brand

Our electric vehicles are designed to be reliable and provide you with a solution studied in detail to ensure maximum performance and safety in any situation. This is why many industries operating in the metallurgy and steel industry choose the Zallys brand to give maximum benefit to their operators, facilitate their movement between various production plants and making the handling of bulky and heavy materials easier. The use of forklifts and the adoption of dangerous and unsuitable solutions, remain only a distant memory when choosing a Zallys machine!


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