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Zallys Jack electric tow tractor for industrial logistic

Zallys the perfect solution for all industry sectors

The landscape of industrial logistics can witness a revolutionary change with the introduction of Zallys Jack, a highly efficient, electric-powered utility vehicle designed to meet the diverse needs of material handling and transportation within industrial settings. This innovative solution promises to transform operations by offering unparalleled efficiency, safety, and reliability. Let's delve into the features that set Zallys Jack apart in the competitive field of logistics and material handling.

The features of this industrial tractor

The Zallys Jack has a number of features that make it ideal for industrial logistics, including:

  • A powerful electric motor that can tow loads up to 1500 kg

  • A compact design that allows it to be used in narrow aisles

  • A comfortable and ergonomic operator platform

  • A long battery life that provides up to 8 hours of operation on a single charge

Advanced full electric motor

At the heart of Zallys Jack lies its advanced electric driving unit, offering a clean, efficient, and powerful alternative to traditional fuel-powered vehicles. This not only reduces the carbon footprint of logistics operations but also significantly lowers operating costs by minimizing fuel consumption and maintenance needs.

Versatile design for maximum adaptability

Zallys Jack compact size and agility allow for easy maneuverability through tight spaces, while its robust construction ensures durability and longevity, even in the most demanding environments.

Unmatched performance

Thanks to its advanced technology, Zallys Jack increases throughput, reduces manual labor, and minimizes the risk of workplace injuries. This performance leap is a game-changer for industries aiming to stay ahead in a competitive market.

Application example

In the above video, you can see our satisfied customer in the United Arab Emirates using the Zallys Jack to move modul components with ease and safety. Our man on board range, enables the user to cover long distances and increase productivity.

If you are looking for a way to improve your industrial logistics operations, the Zallys Jack is the perfect solution.


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