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Zallys in the food industry

Why the food industries use Zallys vehicles

Zallys produces a wide range of versatile products that are ideal for use in the food industry where cleanliness and resistance to chemical agents are essential: in fact, the goal is to guarantee maximum compliance with hygiene standards throughout the production process.

The needs of the food industries

There are various needs that the food industries have to face in their daily lives. The handling of heavy loads in total hygiene and safety is one of them. Furthermore, food containers must be handled in a stable and solid manner so that their contents are not shaken or altered.

Types of loads to be handled

There are many types of loads to be handled in the food industry: tanks, mobile ovens, food trolleys, containers for both solid and liquid ingredients, mixers and large containers for preparations. These loads have different structures for their movement: in fact, the trolleys can have different types of wheels and hooks.

Zallys products adaptable to all operators

Zallys products range is versatile and adaptable to the different physiques of the operators.

The drawbars of the tugs can be adjusted in height to allow maximum ergonomics during use, the speeds are adjustable to guarantee the safety of the operator and adaptation to his progress. Finally, Zallys presents a wide range of accessories for an ever more practical use of its machines.

Inox and Atex solutions

Zallys has the possibility to supply stainless steel vehicles to guarantee high hygiene standards. Furthermore, some Zallys tugs can be Atex certified for use in potentially explosive environments such as can happen in chemical companies or where flours are handled.

trainatore Inox Zallys per lo spostamento di una vasca di impasto nell'industria alimentare

Examples of Zallys tows in the food industry

Zallys manufactures a wide range of tugs and transporters which can be of great support in handling loads in different industries. In the food industry, the products most appreciated by our customers are, for example, M1 Inox for trolleys of limited size and weight that must not be contaminated. In addition to the M1, Zallys can also produce more powerful stainless-steel models such as the M12 and M4. Additionally to the AISI 316 stainless steel vehicles, in the food industry other types of compact and versatile tugs can also be used to allow the handling of heavy loads even in cold rooms, sterile environments, production lines, clean rooms and in confined spaces in general.


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