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Zallys for waste handling

Waste logistics is no longer a problem thanks to Zallys M3.

The transport of waste bins is a challenge that arises in many sectors, from ports, restaurants and hotels to large industries. All companies operating in this sector can rely on Zallys to find the most suitable solution for their needs.

M3 for handling multiple bins

Despite its small size and compactness, M3 allows the handling of up to 2 bins at the same time, thanks to the specially designed hook. There are numerous requests to speed up the operations of moving waste bins that we receive and solve with our M3.

The need for a reliable and silent tug

In environments frequented by many people and close to commercial activities, the need has developed to move waste easily and silently. Zallys with its electric vehicles allows you to transport waste in all environments without emitting noise and air pollution.

The possibility of working with a single operator

With Zallys M3, operations that would normally be carried out by two people can be carried out by a single operator in complete safety: thus, reducing costs and increasing work efficiency. Its operation is guaranteed up to 8 hours continuously thanks to the easily rechargeable batteries.

Ease of use even on slopes and on different floors.

Zallys M3 has a towing capacity of up to 1500 kg on flat surfaces and 6000 kg on rails, and thanks to its pneumatic wheels it can also be used on uneven ground with gravel. Often in waste logistics activities the main challenge is to ride slides and sloping terrain to reach street level for emptying or collection. With Zallys M3 this is no longer a problem, given that its working capacity is guaranteed even on slopes of up to 15%, the greater the slope, the lower the weight of the load it can tow.

Man towing 2 waste bins with zallys M3 without effort

Example of application of M3 in waste handling

In the application shown in the photo, you can check how simple it is to handle rubbish bins even in narrow and silent places as a port, without disturbing anybody in the area. The floors where M3 can operate are of different types, such as the damp pavement of the docks of the port.


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