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Zallys for the handling of loads in restricted spaces

Safety and convenience for handling long and heavy tubes in underground tunnels.

Handling heavy tubes in underground environments is a requirement that Zallys is not afraid to face. Thanks to the versatility of the different towing models, Zallys has vehicles suitable for carrying very heavy loads in restricted spaces. Let’s see the case of underground tunnels such as gas pipelines, aqueducts and sewers.

M10 and the tunnel, sewerage and pipeline operations

The best and most appreciated solution on the market for the high and easy manoeuvrability of the vehicle, which also makes learning how to use it quickly, is the M10.

The need of workers in restrict spaces.

Tunnels and aqueducts, for example, need a vehicle with compact dimensions, so moving the tug is not a problem for narrow environments.

Typical customers

The typical customers who contact Zallys to solve their handling problems in narrow areas are those who operate in tunnels, sewers and pipelines, who daily have to move loads and often do it manually, wasting energy and time.

Zallys solution with M10

Our M10 has been chosen by many companies that work in narrow environments. It is also an excellent choice for all sectors with some common needs such as the handling of long and heavy pipes. The electric battery operation of all Zallys vehicles allows a continuous use of 8 working hours even in closed and narrow contexts that would not allow the use of vehicles with gas emission and noise. Thanks to its powerful engine, moreover, the transport of large tubes and building materials will not be a problem given the towing capacity that reaches 15,000 kg on flat ground.

Example of a M10 application

In the video you can see a practical representation of the use of the machine in the main aqueduct of Paris, the transport of a large tube is no longer a problem! Operators handling pipes and large ducts in underground tunnels can rely entirely on Zallys vehicles that, in addition to ensuring more efficient and agile work, guarantee the best safety conditions for workers in these environments.

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