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Zallys for the handling of big agricultural machines

Safety and practicality for moving large agricultural machines

The movement of large agricultural vehicles during their production is a need that Zallys has managed to solve. Thanks to the power of the M10 tow tractor, moving seeders and tractors weighing almost 15 tons is no longer a problem.

M10 and towing agricultural machinery, tractors and seeders.

Being the most powerful tow tractor in the Zallys range, M10 is the best solution for moving heavy and bulky agricultural machines that require stability and power.

The need for the movement of large agricultural vehicles

The most difficult part of moving large agricultural vehicles is certainly the initial inertia to move the machinery. Thanks to its hook force reaching 7000 N, the M10 is the safest and most powerful tow for this type of work.

Examples of agricultural machinery

Customers who have contacted Zallys in the field of agricultural machinery construction are mostly involved in the production of large tractors, seeders, sprayers and self-propelled forage harvesters. All tools that can reach a weight of up to 15 tons.

Zallys solution with M10

Our M10 has been chosen by many agricultural machinery manufacturing companies. It represents an excellent choice for moving these large tools during the normal production process. Thanks to its cutting-edge technology and the implementation of safety measures for its use, even the handling of such large machines is simple and safe. The side buttons for precision positioning, the anti-crush button and the 5-speed kit are just some examples of the efficiency and attention to detail typical of Zallys design.

Example of a M10 application

In the video you can see a practical example of the use of M10 for moving a large seeder in Argentina. Thanks to the excellent conditions of the customer's application and thanks to the ergonomics and ease of use of the M10, the operator can move a vehicle of almost 15 tons without any complications or effort. Thanks to this tractor, the safety conditions of operators have increased significantly, also guaranteeing greater ergonomics.


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