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Zallys for hotels, resorts and green maintenance

Transportation needs of hotels and resorts.

Hotels and resorts turn to Zallys to find a solution for handling loads of different types. Among these we find suitcases of various weights and sizes, tools for the ordinary maintenance of the structure and for gardens and parks, the utensils necessary for the maintenance of the surrounding area and for the ordinary restaurant and linen service. A further requirement that customers in this sector present is the silence of the vehicles used, in respect of the guests and in general of those who frequent that environment. The maximum limitation of gas emissions is also an important need for hotels and resorts.

An ecological choice for green spaces.

Thanks to the electric motor which is the result of studies and research, Zallys vehicles are silent and do not emit any harmful gas into the environment. These features are essential for hotels that require silence and respect for guests and the nature that surrounds them.

Typical customers

Typical customers in this sector are all hotel facilities that need electric vehicles to transport materials. The environment can therefore differ in spacious areas for the maintenance of greenery and the transport of suitcases and smaller spaces for the simple, agile and fast transport of luggage and ordinary maintenance tools.

The high and different performances of Zallys vehicles

Zallys has a versatile and wide range of transporters. This means that, based on the customer's transport needs, Zallys can guarantee a more suitable vehicle than others in order to cover the applications in the best way possible.

Different soil types

Thanks to the pneumatic wheels, Zallys vehicles can also cover rough and irregular terrain without problems. Moreover, Zallys has the possibility of changing the wheels in case the customer needs to operate on more sandy or muddy soils.

Example of an application of Zallys vehicles in the hotel sector

As shown in the photo, our customer from the Hotel Le Duc du Praslin in the Seychelles Islands is effortlessly carrying crates of drinks to restock his restaurant. The nature that surrounds the journey that the operator takes is undisturbed and respected by silence and the absence of harmful gas emissions.


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