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Zallys for handling trolleys in public and private structures

Hospitals, hotels and industries choose Zallys M12 to tow their trolleys.

The handling of heavy trolleys is not an exclusive problem of large industries, this is because even in hospitals, hotels or laundries there is a need to tow trolleys such as those for linen. With its wide range of electric tugs, Zallys is able to cope with all the difficulties that arise every day at work. Let's see the best solution to move trolleys in these sectors.

M12 for handling rollboxes for linen

The best and most appreciated solution on the market for handling Rollboxes for transporting linen is the M12: the easiest to use and most compact tow handler for handling Rollbox trolleys even in confined spaces.

The need of hotels, hospitals and laundries

Hospitals, laundries and hotels need to move spare linen simply, quickly and safely. In narrow corridors and small spaces, it is not always easy to move laundry trolleys effortlessly and without slowing down work.

Typical customers

Typical clients who contact Zallys to solve their laundry trolley handling problems are hotels, hospitals and laundries that have to move these loads every day and often do it manually, wasting energy and useful time.

Zallys solution with M12

Our M12 has been chosen by many laundries and multi-service companies to move laundry roll boxes, trolleys for cleaning products or pressure washers. It also represents an excellent choice for hotels, resorts as well as hospitals, all sectors with some needs in common such as the handling of linen trolleys or in the case of hospitals also the handling of trolleys for the distribution of meals and medicines. Thanks to the power of Zallys M12 it is possible to tow up to 1500 kg at a time, with the use of a single operator and without any effort. This is of great help in increasing work efficiency.

Example of a M12 application

In the application shown in the video, we can see how easily our Belgian customer moves the RollBox trolleys full of laundry. Coupling the trolleys to each other and to the machine is quick and easy, as is driving the vehicle. Finally, thanks to the interchangeable battery packs, the M12 can be used over several work shifts.


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