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Zallys for handling theatrical scenography

Theaters use Zallys vehicles to move sets

Theaters, places of culture that host thousands of spectators and different scenarios have developed the need to move stage equipment, materials or even raise platforms often in the fastest and safest way, during the construction phase of the show and during it - keeping up with the actors.

The needs of the theater industry

There are various needs that theaters present to us in the evaluation phase of our products: handling tall and bulky sets with Zallys products guarantees the theater company a dynamic and safe work.

Types of scenography

Many of Europa's stages build complex and impressive sets every day. Theatrical scenery can reach 10 meters in height and they are not the only loads to be handled. The stands are often temporary and can be closed to be dismantled from the place used as a theatre. The latter, in addition to being really bulky, are also very heavy.

Tight spaces

Although the characteristics of these sets and stands are recognized and cumbersome, the operators do not always have a great deal of room for maneuver, also bearing in mind that there are several other people at work in the assembly site.

Agility in movement

Zallys is able to respond to these needs thanks to its compact and powerful vehicles. The M10, with its turning circle of just 2510 mm, can pull up to 15 tons in optimal conditions.

operator moving a bulky scenography with zallys M10

The example of Zallys M10

Let's see together a practical example of how the entertainment industry relies on Zallys products for its many needs. In the opera house in Bruges there was a need to tow theatrical scenery over 10 meters high. For this operation, 10 operators were needed, all of whom had to engage in a single activity with also a high risk of accidents. Precisely for these reasons, the customer turned to Zallys: to be able to increase productivity by reducing costs and increasing safety. M10 is also equipped with pneumatic wheels to guarantee its use both indoors and outdoors on any surface.

The Belgian Zallys dealer, with his twenty years of experience, reports the extraordinary satisfaction on the part of the customer, who has managed to speed up operations from the most trivial to the most complex but above all has managed to almost completely eliminate the risk of accidents, fully respecting the security protocols foreseen in the sector.


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