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Safety first! Zallys for handling injection moulds

Zallys M5 power pusher offers support to the mold and injection moulding industry

One of the companies in Brazil that produces injection molds, approached our company to request a solution suitable for the need to tow injection molds inside the production plants, placing emphasis on the need to make the process safer and faster.

The ideal solution for removing inefficiencies in production departments

The production plants normally use a series of bridge cranes for the transport of the moulds. This leads to inefficiencies and is expensive. Therefore, Zallys offers a constantly updated range of products for achieving a Lean process in production plants.

An alternative solution for handling

In general, our customers consider Zallys electric tugs as a valid and alternative solution for the handling of bulky loads, able to offer better control, as well as increasing safety in manufacturing facilities.

Ergonomic driving

While moving between the various production lines, the operator benefits from the use of our Zallys M5 tow tug, which guarantees the right comfort on prolonged use during the work shift.

System of modular ballast system

Zallys provides maximum flexibility in increasing vehicle performance. With a unit weight of only 10 kg, the individual ballasts are lightweight and can be equipped without physical effort by the operator, while maintaining all their effectiveness.

Zallys M5 in action in the mold industries in Brazil

Our Zallys dealer in Brazil shows us with great satisfaction, in the video shown here above, how his customer has benefited from our compact and versatile electric model Zallys M5, without the use of forklifts inside mold production lines, allowing the various operators to tow and bring closer to the machinery, encumbrances with large volumes, even up to 4,000 kg, in total safety and efficiency.


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