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Zallys for floriculture, nurseries and green areas maintenance

Green sectors have no more problems with our Zallys vehicles.

The applications of Zallys electric vehicles designed to operate in the field of floriculture and nurseries are truly many. Among the various solutions that we can offer, the most successful products are the electric wheelbarrow for the transport of soil and inert material, an electric platform with operator on board for pruning work or electric cart with a platform for the transport of plants, flowers and branches.

M1, DUMPER JET and JESPI for handling loads.

Our three vehicles M1, DUMPER JET and JESPI help lots of companies who deal with green sectors (floriculture, nurseries and green areas maintenance). Thanks to the wide range of standard or customizable hook on request, many customers can work easier and faster.

The need for a faster and easier vehicle

In environments such as greenhouses and farms, the need to move weights easily and quickly has increased. Zallys with electric vehicles allows you to transport weights in all environments without emitting noise and air pollution.

The possibility of working with a single operator

With Zallys M1, DUMPER JET and JESPI, operations that would normally be carried out by two people, can be done by a single operator in complete safety: in addition, reducing costs and increasing work efficiency. With the stability of our vehicles and their easy manoeuvrability, lots of problems of handling are solved.

Ease of use even on slopes and on different floors.

Zallys M1 is perfect and useful for transporting loads like flowerpots and bags of manure; many industries who need to move heavy weights choose this vehicle. In addition, for example, our Zallys DUMPER JET is chosen by companies who deals with green environments especially for the pneumatic wheels for indoor and outdoor use that do not damage the surface. In the end, our JESPI can carry loads up to 1.000 kg and has the button for 5-speed adjustment; this machine is chosen by many of our clients in their ordinary works. You should try it!

Example of application of M1, DUMPER JET and JESPI

In the application shown in the photo, you can check how simple it is to handle articles for nurseries, floriculture and for the maintenance of green areas, without disturbing anybody in the area with noise or gas emissions. Ours industrial vehicles to transport plants inside nurseries are your best solutions for work.


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