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Zallys electric vehicles' benefits of use

Our experience

Zallys and its experience of over 25 years on the market have allowed it to update and increase safety at work as well as the number of advantages for the operator derived from the use of electric vehicles at the workplace.

Since 1996 we've helped many industries reducing their fixed costs and increase their productivity.

How can Zallys vehicles bring advantages?

In many companies or private sectors, safety and efficiency issues are commonplaces. Opting for the implementation of an electric tow tug is a clever choice for many different aspects. Let's see them together!

Benefits for the operator

Thanks to the use of Zallys electric machines the operator can carry out his tasks with extreme safety by eliminating the excessive physical efforts that can lead to accidents or diseases in the long run.

Moreover, all our products are compact to ensure maximum manoeuvrability and visibility of the load reducing damages to products or materials during handling activities, as it is very likely to happen while using a forklift.

Benefits for the company

The company itself can benefit if its workers use safe and efficient vehicles. Reducing the absence and costs caused by accidents and increasing productivity by employing only one operator to perform tasks that previously required 3 or more. This will enable the employer to deploy the workforce for other tasks with obvious productivity benefits.

Benefits for the environment

Electric vehicles, as their name says, are completely battery powered, meaning they do not release any type of harmful gases in the environment. Moreover, they are completely noiseless, helping to reduce noise pollution as well.

Example of an application

In the past, cargo handling operations were only and exclusively manual, the operator or most often the operators carried out their tasks using their physical strength at the expense of their health, safety and productivity. To date this is a distant past, choose Zallys to speed up operations, to move materials up to 4 times more without the slightest effort and in total safety!


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