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Zallys and the use of electric vehicles in mines

For which tasks Zallys electric vehicles are used in mines

Zallys electric vehicles are used in the mining industry for the maintenance and repair of working vehicles. Electric platform carts are suitable for transporting tools useful for carrying out repairs in workshops or directly on site, despite the adverse conditions in which this industry sometimes operates.

The needs of the mining industry

There are various needs of the mining industries with which Zallys has been collaborating for years. In addition to confined spaces, vehicles need to be silent and have sealed batteries for use in closed environments.

Silent vehicles

The low noise level of Zallys battery-powered transport trolleys makes it possible to use them even during the night and in closed environments, in full compliance with the regulations governing noise pollution.

Hermetic batteries

For the majority of Zallys electric vehicles it is possible to select sealed batteries which offer the advantage of being maintenance-free after assembly and safe for transfers by all means of transport.

Compact dimensions and specific treatments

Thanks to their well-known compactness, Zallys conveyors can be positioned under construction machinery to carry out maintenance work and be used in tunnels and mines where the steering space is extremely limited. Furthermore, Zallys provides the possibility of treating the vehicle chassis with a zinc primer so that it does not corrode during use in the most humid environments.

trasportatore elettrico con piattaforma utilizzato per il trasporto di attrezzi per ila manutenzione di camion nell'industria delle miniere

The example of Zallys HS4

The best-selling Zallys vehicle in the mining industry is undoubtedly the HS4 transporter.

With its firm handle and sturdy frame, the HS4 is the best solution for transporting mining truck maintenance equipment.

Our historic Chilean dealer TTPM has been relying on Zallys transporters for years for their practicality of use and simplicity of transport. The compactness of the HS4 electric platform makes it possible to reach the most difficult parts of the mining area by transporting up to 1000 kg on flat surfaces and overcoming slopes of 30%.

Zallys vehicles have been designed with the operator's health at the centre: the numerous safety systems, continuously improving ergonomics and the reduction of risks associated with the manual handling of heavy loads are all elements which, more than ever for this sector, guarantee the safety of the workers.


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