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Why we recommend you using Zallys K2 with Milk Run system?

Zallys K2 and Milk Run for modern logistics

The concept of Milk Run in modern intralogistics consists in the method of supplying the material from a central warehouse to the assembly lines. The Milk Run allows to keep the stocks low, facilitating the supply of the material. Suitable for mass production, carried out with Just In Time philosophy, plays a key role in logistics. Our Zallys K2, with its versatility and compactness, is the winning solution to be adopted together with this innovative system.

Bringing Milk Run logistics to your Business

Zallys, thanks to its thirty-year experience in intralogistics, is a reference partner to implement Milk Run systems, as well as speed up and streamline its logistics. Through our Zallys K2, it will be possible to move trolleys capable of transporting any type of component that you want to supply in the various production lines in total ergonomics.

Operating vehicles 24h on 24

The battery packs are lightweight and easily interchangeable so you can ensure the operation of the machine 24 hours a day, 7 days a week: when one is discharged, you can charge it and replace it immediately with one already charged, without stopping the machine for recharging! In addition, there are 2 different types depending on the needs: 45Ah AGM or 40Ah Lithium

Right wheels for every need

K2 is equipped as standard with non-marking wheels, suitable for mainly indoors use, ensuring a very low level of vibration. In addition, they are very resistant and offer exceptional performance on any type of flooring, even the most delicate.

Zallys K2 and its highlights

Inside Zallys range with on board operator, Zallys K2 electric tractor is considered one of the ideal solutions for speeding up displacement between warehouse and the various production lines, as well as being particularly useful in picking activities. For greater efficiency, especially in tight spaces, it is also possible to integrate an optional kit with steering speed reduction. For safety and visibility, the operator can request the optional addition of front and rear lights, as well as an additional LED headlight with blue light.

Let’s take a closer look at this winning solution.

It was fundamental to receive positive feedback from an Italian customer, who decided to adopt the Milk Run system a few years ago, placing total confidence in the use of our ZALLYS K2 towing unit. The operator, as shown in the video, in fact benefits from the strengths of these two winning solutions and after going to the warehouse, will proceed to the filling of trolleys that will contain different components necessary for the sourcing of the production lines.


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