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Quick guide on electric (tow) tug

How can an electric tug be defined?

An electric tug is a battery-powered machines developed to move heavy loads on wheels without effort and with maximum safety. Usually an electric tug is a pedestrian operated machine, but zallys offers many man on board solutions too.

Synonims and differences of "electric tug"

There are lots of sinonyms of electrc tug, it is common to think that electric tow Tug is one of them with equal meaning, but a difference between the two terms still exists.

An electric tug uses a weight transfer system to enable the movement of heavy loads. The machine transfer an element of the loads weight down onto the drive wheel of the machine to gain traction, allowing compact machines to move very heavy weights. On the contrary an electric tow tug is a self-weighted machines, that uses its own weight to generate traction and it's designed to pull and tow loads.

The big theme of safety at work

The issue of safety at work is constantly growing, even for smaller companies it becomes mandatory to comply with certain safety parameters. For example, with reference to ISO 11228, the maximum possible occasional weights to be handled are 25kg for men and 15kg for women.

Zallys helps minimize the risk of work-related injuries and decrease the risk of long-term illnesses such as Muscular Skeletal Disorders (MSDs) related to handling of heavy loads.

License-free machines

All our machines can be driven by a single operator and without any type of licence. This means that our electric tugs enable to reduce the downtime resulting from waiting around for a licensed operator, as in the case of forklifts.

Zallys' most loved tuggers

Zallys M12 vertical tug is the most versatile of the product range, thanks to its compactness and its interchangeable battery pack is one of the Zallys most loved tugger. Able to cover multiple shifts and fit even in the narrowest corridor with ease.

Not to be outdone, our industrial cart puller M9 it's in the podium too. Its biggest points of strenght are the perfectly balanced structure, its extremely easy maneuvrability and the possibility to install different accessories such as electric or hydraulic hitches and remote control.

operator moving a textile trolley with zallys M16

Example of an application with Zallys M16

The M16 is part of the tow tugger cathegory, so it usse its own weight to generate traction. For this reason it is essential to use AGM batteries instead of lithium ones because they help to have greater traction.

The zallys M16 is perfect for all trolleys with two fixed legs and two wheels, which therefore need to be lifted to be moved, like the textile trolley in the photo above. The M16, thanks to its hydraulic lifting system, can lift trolleys up to 1,800kg and has a towing capacity of up to 6,000kg.


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