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Just Lift 750 for moulds handling

The JL750 hydraulic crane gives support to companies that handle injection moulds

Several companies approached our company to request a suitable, safe and ergonomic solution born from the need to lift and handle injection moulds inside the production plants.

Compact and efficient

The production plants normally use a series of bridge cranes for the transport of the moulds, generating inefficiencies as well as being a costly system. Just Lift offers, therefore, a constantly updated range of electric and hydraulic compact cranes, according to customer needs, that allow the execution of precise jobs, even in confined spaces.

Potentiometric control

To make the use of Just Lift cranes more and more functional, the potentiometric control has been introduced on all models, with which the operator adjusts the speed of the arm movements according to the pressure exerted.

Safety and ergonomics

The motorwheels of the hydraulic models are integrated in the base to ensure a greater level of protection of the operator while moving the machine, without sacrificing its maneuverability and turning radius. In addition, the Just Lift tiller heads have been designed to ensure the right comfort on prolonged use during the work shift.

Counterweight crane JL750

The JL750 compact crane from Just Lift is the smallest crane on the market. Designed to facilitate the lifting of light weights of any type up to 750 kg in narrow lanes and spaces. One of the strengths is the slewing ring that makes smooth and light the rotating movement of 240°. In addition, all the bases of the models of the Just Lift range, have been prepared to be lifted through the forklift forks in total safety.

Quick and safe handling of plastic injection moulds

A well-known Italian company, in addition to observing the increase in productivity due to the implementation of the JL750 crane, also places strong emphasis on the safety of its employees, since operators no longer need to carry out manual interventions and all those operations related to the replacement or handling of plastic injection moulds. The whole process is therefore made safe and fast!

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