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How to move boats efficiently and safely?

Zallys for the naval sector

Thanks to its wide range of products, Zallys is able to find the right solution for multiple situations and multiple sectors. Even in the case of handling boats, in appearance a difficult load to handle, Zallys is able to find the ideal solution.

Boats handling in the easiest and safest way possible

There are many different occasion where there could be the need to move a boat and thus many different operator involved; from the professional worker to a private user for example - this means that our products needs to be intuitive and easy to handle for everybody while ensuring safety and efficiency. And this is exactly what Zallys does.

Boat building environments

Staff who are expected to manually handle equipment and boats of all sizes face risk of injury and damages at the product itself. Meanwhile, using forklift trucks or overhead cranes can also arise problems – especially with regard to permits and the often lack of visibility.

Private and competitions boats

Many are the occasions where Zallys was choosen even for the private boats or for naval competitions - apparently limited sectors but where a handy and reliable logistic support is mostly needed.

What our clients say

In the north of Europe, our Swedish dealer report the great satisfaction of his clients, who are now happy to use and move their private boats, can enjoy some leisure time without worring about how to handle their boats. Moreover in the bigger industry sector or naval companies the satisfaction is even higher when they see such a reliable unit that lasts over the years.

Application examples with Zallys M6.5 and M10

As shown in the above slideshow our Zallys M6.5 and M10 are the best solution for this sector. Zallys M6.5 was designed to handle heavy loads such as boats trolley, up to 6,000kg with the steering drawbar and the optional electric lifting system that allows the operator to easily and safely hook trolley, simply by operating the tiller head controls. M10 is even more powerful and can tow up to 15.000kg for the heaviest applications and biggest boats or yacht.


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