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How our swedish customer solved his issues in his painting lab

Our discovery

Having had the chance to visit some of our final customers in Sweden was an interesting experience that made us realize about how many different type of issues can arise in everyday life inside a factory or lab as in this article's case.

Our client's story

The client is a medium sized workshop in the south of Sweden, specialized in the painting and restoration of boats. His lab consists of a large vehicle storage room plus some small rooms dedicated to painting. To bring boats hulls inside this laboratory you need to go through a long shed full of machinery and sometimes workers.

The moment he realized it was time for a change

After months of hard work, the restoration of an 16-meter-long boat is finally over. It’s time to get it out of the laboratory. The only method available for him was to hook the boat-trolley to his car and slowly drive down the hall of the warehouse; this means zero visibility on the load that is moving and poor perception of the obstacles. This is how a pointed ledge crawled the entire length of the newly restored hull causing considerable damage both in economic terms and time.

The solution provided by Zallys

After this episode and after a test with our M6.5 he decides immeditaly to give his work an upgrade in terms of safety, professionalism and productivity. Zallys M6.5 is particulary good for such applications since it has a lifting system with ball pin hitch that allows you to hook up trailers up to 6.000kg automatically and easily.

Today's feedback from our client

"Your machine has facilitated handling operations by increasing safety for us as operators but also for our finished products that will no longer be damaged because of lack of visibility or ergonomy. It is a huge help and it was a great investment for us" are his words.

The smile on the customer's face is the best feedback for Zallys. He's now planning to buy a bigger machine to help him handle even the longest and heaviest boat in different type of ground and slopes.

Operator moving a 16 meter long boat without effort thanks to zallys M6.5

Zallys range has a solution for every need

Our product palette is so wide that it would be impossible not to find a good solution for our customers needs. From the smallest tug, our Zallys M1 that can handle 1000kg, to the biggest one, Zallys M10 arriving up to 15.000kg, but also man on board or transporters solutions. We can cover multiple sectors, the boat one with the M6.5 is only an example. Airports, textile industry, multiservice companies, constructions, tourism sector.....

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