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Do you need a solution for towing boat hulls? Discover the new Zallys M18!

Zallys M18 with hydraulic lift, the most innovative tow tug

Thanks to its high lifting capacity and towing power, Zallys M18 is considered the most performing in the range of Zallys tugs, with a lifting capacity of 8.000 kg and a maximum force at the hook of 9500 N. Ideal for handling trolleys with two wheels and two legs placed on the ground.

The ideal solution for towing boat hulls

Boat hulls are normally transported on trolleys with a weight ranging from 5 to 7 tons. Thanks to the lifting system of Zallys M18, the load is transferred to the machine to give it grip and traction power.

Compact and easy to handle

Zallys M18 guarantees a high level of comfort to the operator even in particular conditions of the internal environment. In these situations, it may happen that buildings are humid and the ground is wet, as the hulls are washed in the appropriate areas.

Hydraulic lift with adjustable lift-up

Thanks to a powerful hydraulic lifting system, controllable directly from the tiller head and a micro switch on the side of the machine, you can adjust the maximum stroke of the arm depending on the situation.

Autonomy for a full working day

M18 is powered by two 105/130 Ah batteries, which guarantee to the machine an autonomy of 8 working hours for continuous use. Obviously in case of intense use, you can switch to batteries with higher amperage, or mount a removable and interchangeable battery pack to have the machine always available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Positive feedback after several tests carried out in different sectors.

Our dealer in France forwards us positive feedback after various tests carried out in completely different realities. In addition to the towing of boat hulls on trolleys ranging from 5 to 7 tons, Zallys M18 seems to fit well also with the towing of 2500 kg candle trolleys. Both customers declare "the machine is suitable for our application, as well as compact and easy to handle".


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